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Januaray - 2018

As someone who is interested and invests in crypto currencies I have stumbled upon Experty. Experty allows you to connect with a person, so long as you can pay their fees. Here’s the way it works. You choose an influencer/expert to speak with on Experty’s app, you then schedule a time to speak with them. When the time comes, you make the call. The app checks to make sure you have enough Experty coins in you balance and locks them for the duration of the call. When the call is over, payment is made instantaneously to the person from your wallet to theirs by means of the smart contract. All of this can be done on Experty’s mobile or desktop app. Where Experty will shine even more is when they implement their screensharing feature. I’m occasionally using and many professionals which I have worked previously stopped offering their service on codementor. The reason for that most of the time was that the fees are to high on codementor. Experty would solve this issue on a growing market so there is a huge potential for return on invesment! You can check it out here:

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10 reasons why you should use and invest in Experty

1) Using experty will be for free

Expert networks in the past were companies that would scout out professionals with a high level of expertise in their field, and offer them work as a temporary consultant for people that were specifically looking for advice in that field. The expert network company will then receive a small commission from the transaction. Experty’s vision is taking the decentralizing aspect of a blockchain and cutting out the middleman. Knowledge seekers will be able to connect with their knowledge provider of choice without having to go through an intermediary.

2) Transparency

The marketing strategy of Experty relies on external services which already have thousands of users in their database or network. Blockchain transparency allows for tracking calls triggered from their websites without worrying about substantial usage and clearing cost or denial of payment by a service provider.

3) It will be versatile

Texting, video calls, paid group calls, paid 1-on-1 text messaging, webinars, group texting, screensharing, scheduling, conversation recording you name it all those things will be able with Experty. But Experty does not stop there they also plan to integrate Experty with third party video calling applications so that potential users will be able to use the application of their choice.

4) No need for a marketplace

Experty’s goal is to allow experts to share their paid call link whenever and wherever they want. This avoids relying on Experty to create a marketplace for them. Knowledge providers can use networks where they are already known and considered trusted experts, such as message boards, social media, blogs, etc.

5) Available on all devices

They will offer a web application and also mobile application on IOS and Android. Anyone with a smartphone will be able to initiate or receive/accept incoming calls. The experience will be very similar to existing mobile VoIP applications. The initial version of the web application will be used mainly as a funds management platform, as well as a portal for users to update their account.

6) Instant access

There are a lack of incentives to share phone numbers with strangers and answer their calls. Experty aims to solve this problem. Through Experty any influencer, professional, or expert can grant instant access to their knowledge from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world.

7) Instant answers

Calls can be made over Experty with very little setup. This means that answers from qualified experts can be obtained at short notice. Per minute rates are set by publicly rated experts, and refunds can be given via the smart contract if they fail to provide adequate service.

8) Instant payment

Experty allows experts to be paid instantly for time they spend on a call, without going through third party intermediaries. Callers don’t have to pay upfront, as payment is handled during the call through our smart contract system.

9) Avoids creating another privacy or intrusion risk

Instant messaging systems can open your business up to hackers and intrusions. A higher security level is guaranteed, thanks to the decentralized nature of the network so you do not need to worry about a potential vulnerability to your company.

10) Great for networking

With Experty you are able to connect and have the attention of professionals which makes it the perfect tool for creating deep relationships with. Depth is more important than width. If you build solid, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet, they are much more likely to support you when you need it. Building a network with deep long-term relationships rather than breadth of the number of people you know pays off.

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Degrees don’t matter, skills do

July - 2016

My whole life I have been told what I need to do to accomplish my dreams and the bottom line is they all have been wrong. Educational institutions have completely and utterly failed me. They really have only one job, and that’s to educate us. For what? Fun? No, for life. They need to teach us the things that matter in an honest, truthful way. But they haven’t. After graduating from university and applying for a job without a positive response for over a year long, I have noticed that the system in which we are living is completely broken. Certificates and degrees do not really matter. But what do matter are our credentials and the sum of projects we have worked on and how much you learned from your failures. So I started to hold my destiny in my own hands by learning how to code and to get couple steps closer by start building a portfolio. One of the most important things as a web developer is to create a portfolio which counts for a lot more that whether or not you passed some arbitrary, one time test. Suddenly I had an idea! Why not building a portfolio and recording a tutorial series on how I build those projects which would have a positive impact for people like me. I will call the education platform “codeninjaschool” and I am planning to release it at the end of 2017.

codeninjaschool logo
One last advice:
Just listen to yourself. Don’t listen to anybody else not one person because god forbid anything went wrong you can’t blame other people and start pointing the finger. Always know that you can blame yourself because you made that decision. And whatever you do in life never regret it. Never if, woulda, coulda, shoulda. Give everything while you can and when you can and leave nothing behind.

Refreshing my Cinema 4D Skills

March - 2016

It has been a long time since I have used Cinema 4D. So this time I forced myself to work a little bit with Cinema 4D to refresh my skills. I created some floor plans. Now, in case you’re wondering, you should be aware that once you start learning a skill there’s only a very low chance that your skills will disappear forever if you stop practicing.

floor plan
I believe that anyone can learn modeling. It is a bit technical, but it does not have to be technical in terms of computer science. There are a lot of people who are very successful modelers and are absolutely on the artistic side rather than the technical side of the spectrum. It can also benefit the visualization of an object in your imagination because you are always forced to to imagine an object in front of you, you have to spin it around in your mind and know exactly what it looks like.

"SAP Scientologists"

November - 2015

In the past weeks I had an opportunity to do a SAP certificate as an SAP Consultant in “Sales and Distribution” and “Materials Management”. The offer was with a preparation course prior to the exam for free. So I took the challenge to dive into ERP systems. In general the experience was okay but I would never do it again. I have learned allot how the SAP system works. Overall, there is an overwhelming amount of functionality build to it and when it's running well, it can give managers an excellent tool to be more nimble with operational strategy decisions and captures tremendous amount of data to analyze and see areas of opportunity and risk. However In terms of usability of the web interfaces, SAP is really piss-poor by today's standards. SAP's web technology is stuck in the late 1990s. Everytime I have to use SAPs workflow it is like an insult. For example there is not date picker, no drop down menus and many more!

There is a saying - you dont have to outrun the grizzly, you need to outrun your fellow mate. Beside the poor usability it is expensive and has very poor documentation. Which I guess is another business model of SAP. The salary of a SAP Consultant is very high and to call yourself a SAP consultant you have to take their expensive exams regulary. Nobody really likes it unless you are a "SAP Scientologists" then you will love it. I guess SAP is so widespread, that they can get away with forcing corporate employees to use such horrible outdated interfaces. But this won't last forever. Either SAP makes a big effort to come into the 21st century with user-centered interface design, or they will go the way of the dinosaur.

Web Development First Steps

September - 2015

Learning to code has been quite a journey for me. It's quite exciting the feeling of looking at source code and thinking to my self “Damn! I actually understand this!” And being able to write your own code from scratch is even more thrilling. But my journey with code has been fraught with frustration, late nights and way too much coffee.

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe“ — Carl Sagan

If you want to learn to build websites, congratulations, you live in a time of great automation. However you still need to learn the basics technologies to be able to do so! My journey is a lonely one I didn’t have any mentors and I didn’t know anyone else who built websites. I had this dilemma about not knowing which language to start with. Besides that I didn’t really understood the process and the technologies which are needed to create a website. When searching online on what language to start with, websites and developers will give you the “it depends” answer or have a bias or hate towards a language because they think it is cool or uncool. So to be a full-stack developer I had to know the technical steps needed to create a website combined with an overview of the languages to know the pros and cons. This is a very rough view and explanation of the process:

Programming languages are similar to spoken languages. Each programming language falls into one or more categories. A few categories you might have heard of include imperative, object oriented, functional, or logic-based. Fortunately, once you learn one language it’s much easier to learn a second language in the same category. Unfortunately, that first language is going to be tough to learn. Google may be a relatively straightforward search engine from our point of view, but they employ an army of engineers to make sure that all the moving parts you don't see are working properly.

Start Doing

June - 2015

I am Martin Bortowski and I am a graduate in international business management from Bielefeld, Germany. From an early age I've always been deeply interested in computing and starting my own company. However couple years ago I would never think that I would teach myself how to code. But everything has changed!

During my studies I had many ideas which I couldn't realize and one of them was basically "chatroulette". The reason why this happened was that I couldn't code, and I didn't have the skills or the network to convince a technical co-founder to join me. That was 2008. After graduating and still looking for a technical co-founder I have realized that this day will never happen! The reason for that was that I needed to convince a technical co-founder of the following:

Having many great ideas and dreams in my mind combined with the challenge of finding a technical co-founder, I have decided to teach myself to code and to design in Januaray, 2015. Thus, I began my journey into the world of code. Often failing, unsure, and guessing. But never giving up no matter how hard and frustrating it is because I know everyday I'm one step closer to achive my goals.

Suprisingly I really started to love to code as well as the design-aspect in web-development. It became a passion which I would never would have thought about a couple years ago! Seeing all the results of the hard work I put into just in 6 months and the fact that I have full control over my destiny is an incredible empowering experience.